What do we do?

FanBasis is changing the way content creators and fans interact. We’ve built a one of a kind marketplace where fans can purchase and experience bespoke digital interactions with their favorite content creators. Our marketplace is designed to put creators first- our goal is to allow each content creator the ability to monetize their unique skill set!


A few words about FanBasis

Our vision materialized in the beginning of quarantine, in March of 2020. We realized the huge role that content creators play in our daily life, yet we discovered that lots of content creators struggle to make a living from their work as creators. We set out to change that, and built FanBasis in order to help every content creator and influencer utilize their unique talents, and connect with their devoted fans.

By making money through ads and sponsored content alone, content creators are actually limiting their potential. We know that fans love to support their favorite creators, and that by offering fans unique digital experiences, creators would be able to monetize their fame, and truly interact with the people who support their content.

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How It Works

Content Creators build a personalized profile, full of unique digital experiences that relate to their skillset and following.

Their fans browse FanBasis and their profile, and select an experience that interests them.

After booking, a hold is placed on their preferred payment method until the experience is completed or declined.

Use Fanbasis To Monetize Your Fame!

Digital Experiences

Sell Live, Non-live, or Premade experiences to your fans such as virtual meet and greets, video shoutouts, autographed merch, personal lessons, and much more!


Create a sweepstakes for your fans to be able to enter for a chance to win an exclusive experience with you! Customize the sweepstakes prize in any way you would like!


Raise money for movements you support by making any of your experiences donate proceeds to your preferred charity!

A few words about FanBasis

FanBasis was founded by Louie Kangeter and Yash Daftary. We’re college buddies who witnessed thousands of online interactions between content creators and fans before realizing that the full potential of social media simply isn't being met. Yash is from Florida, and Louie is a California native who grew up in the Bay. We’re both really pumped about our opportunity to change the way content creators support themselves! We’re headquartered in Los Angeles, and if you have any questions about FanBasis itself, or our mission, feel free to reach out through our contact us page.