What is FanBasis?

FanBasis is a unique platform that connects content creators to their fans. We provide a marketplace for your favorite influencers and content creators to sell digital experiences to their fans.

How does FanBasis work?

When you log in to FanBasis as a creator, you’re able to create and customize a storefront, filled with unique experiences to offer to your fan. We provide infrastructure.

How can I contact the FanBasis team?

Feel free to reach out through our contact us page, or shoot us an email at team@fanbasis.com​ for support, general questions, or just to say hello!

How are the experience types determined?

Content creators have full creative agency over their FanBasis Page. They decide what experiences to offer, how many requests to fulfill, and how much each experience costs.

How does payment work?

When a fan books an experience, we place a hold on the debit or credit card on file. Once the experience is completed, we complete the charge. If the experience request is declined, FanBasis will simply remove the hold, and not charge the fan anything.

Am I guaranteed my experience once I book it?

The FanBasis team does our best to make sure every request can be fulfilled. However, we can’t guarantee that an experience request will be accepted by the creator.

What happens if I request an experience but it isn’t fulfilled?

If your request is declined or isn’t completed within a week, the request booking will be canceled and the hold on your payment method will be removed, at no cost to you. Please contact ​ team@fanbasis.com​ if you have any more questions.

How do paid DM’s work?

When you select the paid DM experience, you’re able to send a message to your favorite content creator. You aren’t charged until the creator responds to your message- if they don’t, then you won’t have to pay! Payment periods are every 250 words- so if you send a message with 50 words, then the creator responds, you have 200 more words to respond with until the charge is renewed.

What kind of content is allowed in digital experiences?

FanBasis is a family friendly company. We pride ourselves on allowing creators of all types to interact with their fans, but explicit content is not allowed on our platform. If you want that, go to OnlyFans ;)

Influencer/Creator FAQ

What experiences can I list on my profile?

It’s up to you. We believe that nobody knows your fanbase as well as you do, and you should be the one to decide what kind of interactions to offer.

Are there any suggestions on how to make my profile more effective?

Definitely. We’re here to help content creators monetize and interact with their fans. So we’ve created a wide catalogue of suggested experiences, profile optimization tips, and more, all to help get you started with FanBasis. Once you’ve logged in, you’ll find a Support tab on your dashboard that contains articles, videos, and much more. You can also contact us at team@fanbasis.com​ for monetization support!

How much money can I make on FanBasis?

As much as you want! Our platform is totally open ended, and the more time you spend interacting with fans and fulfilling requests, the more you’ll earn.

How do I get my money?

When an experience is completed, the payment routes to your FanBasis wallet. From there, you can withdraw at any time to your PayPal or Bank Account.

How can I get started as a creator on FanBasis?

It’s simple- you’re welcome to fill out our creator application by clicking the “sign up” button, then selecting “creator”, then following the simple steps to build your FanBasis account. Additionally, feel free to message us at ​ team@fanbasis.com​ for onboarding support!!!