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Selling ads isn't the only way you can make money

Use our comprehensive business infrastructure to sell subscriptions, sweepstakes, virtual meet and greets, and much more to your fans, then securely collect payments and withdraw funds through Stripe or Paypal, whenever you want.

Create a custom storefront

You can connect with fans, sell all types of digital experiences, and decide what to offer and how much to sell it for, opening up worlds of possibility.

Peri Brooks

Wow. You're amazing!

Matt Ross


Big Jons

Loved my private concert,
can't wait to get another one!

Turn fans into superfans

Interacting directly with your followers increases your engagement and builds personal relationships with your biggest fans.

Personalized support to help you grow

Your dedicated FanBasis account manager is here to provide you with assistance from beginning to end, with powerful analytics, collaboration opportunities with other creators, and storefront support. Joining the FanBasis family opens doors, and that's the way we like it.

Owen Parker

Hello, this is my first time on this platform, can you please help me and explain how can I subscribe for the creator's virtual meeting?


Yes, you can click on the experience in your dashboard!

Owen Parker

Wow, thank you for the help. That's awesome!

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